Retailers Banning Angora Products after PETA Cruelty Footage

At the end of last year, news broke about the cruelty inflicted on angora rabbits in order to make angora jumpers widely available on the high street. PETA Asia’s investigation into Chinese angora farms (where 90% of the world’s angora wool comes from) revealed that rabbits typically had the fur ripped from their bodies as they screamed in pain, and video footage went viral. The story hit national news and one-by-one retailers began to announce a ban on angora products, highlighting the notion that such cruel action is not acceptable.

Now, iconic department store John Lewis has become the latest retailer to commit to implementing a permanent ban on angora wool in its future collections as well as a ban on the sale of third-party brands containing angora in its 40 department stores across the UK. John Lewis has released the following statement:

“As a responsible retailer, John Lewis is committed to ensuring high standards of animal welfare in all stages of the supply chain and we require our suppliers to do likewise. As part of our ongoing programme of supply chain management, we recently contacted suppliers about concerns raised by customers around the sourcing of angora wool. While we found no evidence of unacceptable animal welfare practices, nevertheless we have decided to no longer include angora in future John Lewis own brand or branded products”.
Other retailers that have banned angora products include:

Marks & Spencer
New Look
Ted Baker

Several companies have also suspended production of angora products but have yet to introduce the permanent bans that consumers are demanding, so PETA will continue to encourage them to do so. For an up-to-date list of retailers and their positions on angora, please click here or visit

*23.01.14 Update: Arcadia announce angora ban across all of their brands Miss Selfridge, Topshop, BHS, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis.

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